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About Formwell

About A modern approach to homebuilding.


In pursuit of a more livable family home


Founded by two families, Formwell is the result of more than 30 years of shared experience in residential development and construction in Greater Victoria.

Our purpose is to create more livable homes for families. Homes that are both thoughtful and inspiring in their design are something we see missing in most new construction in Victoria.

We see this as an opportunity, and we’ve set out to build beautiful and functional townhomes that families will love, from the first moment they move in, and for years to follow.


Experienced in homebuilding, aligned on values

Sam Ganong

Co-Founder + Principal

Sam’s career began in commercial real estate at Canada ICI Capital and then at Colliers International, where he gained experience in acquisition, apartment, and construction financing.

Sam was hired by Abstract Developments, a national award-winning custom homebuilder and developer. He grew into the role of Vice President of Development and partner, managing projects with values reaching upwards of $100 million. In 2018, Sam went on to start Curate Developments where he oversaw the design and approvals for a portfolio of multi-family projects before going on to co-found Formwell. Today, Sam oversees all aspects of the community development, planning and design process. His passion for great design and disciplined analytical approach are establishing Formwell as a respected and sought-after homebuilding company. Sam lives in Gordon Head with his wife Hannah, and two young kids.

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Kyle Ryan

Co-Founder + Principal

Kyle is a proven leader and expert in the field of construction management and scheduling. He studied engineering before landing his first job in construction project management in Calgary in 2003.

In 2011, Kyle took a position at Abstract in Victoria, where he eventually became Chief Operating Officer and partner, contributing to the company’s significant growth over a 10-year period before leaving to start Formwell. 
 With notable experience in both single and multi-family residential and public building projects, Kyle has a deep understanding for how functional building designs shape healthy and complete communities. At Formwell, Kyle oversees the build process from end-to-end, transforming forward-thinking designs to completed communities. He lives in North Oak Bay with his wife Kelsey and three young children.

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Nick Saklas


Nick Saklas

Nick has an extensive background in several key business areas, including finance and accounting, leadership, corporate governance, strategic analysis and customer engagement and service.

As a Chartered Accountant (CPA, CA) and Chartered Business Valuator (CBV), Nick articled and spent a decade with KPMG in Vancouver, primarily practicing in Corporate Finance, performing merger and acquisition advisory and valuation service. He has been involved in the advisory of over a dozen mid-market transactions with enterprise values ranging from $10 million to $250 million. Following his time in public practice, he has operated in a range of business capacities, from hospitality, hotel management and real estate, to providing consulting for start-ups and private businesses. Prior to Formwell, Nick was Chief Financial Officer with Abstract Developments. Nick lives in Oak Bay with his wife Lisa, and two children.

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In Good Form

Our approach, In Good Form, seeks to reinvigorate the townhome experience, both inside and out

We know firsthand that when designed well, townhomes provide families with livable, sustainably minded spaces and a more attainable housing alternative to a single-family home.

Design and functionality are only one piece of the overall goal. We want to ensure that the homes we are building today have a lasting positive impact on our communities.

We believe townhomes not only help meet a community’s housing needs, they can also be a vital factor in delivering on its sustainability goals. This means rethinking status-quo design standards and conventional developer defaults. Instead, we incorporate research, consultation, and experience-based design into every one of our communities.

Family-Oriented Homes

With intentionality at the forefront of our approach, we envision every new Formwell community to truly improve livability for families. This includes design elements like:


  • Flexible floorplans and spaces that consider different needs and lifestyles
  • Semi-private yard spaces and common outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy, perfect for kids and pets
  • Durable and high-quality finishes that stand up to the tests of a busy household
  • Efficient storage options throughout each home, so everything has a place
  • Wall assemblies that exceed building code minimums for a more comfortable and quieter home
Sustainable Communities

We take a holistic approach to sustainability. This begins with early site planning exercises and is woven through each stage of the planning, design, and build process. Ultimately, our goal is to create homes that are not only more environmentally conscious, but also help homeowners make healthier and more sustainable lifestyle choices after they move in.


  • We consistently build to BC Energy Step Code 3 or higher, 20% more energy-efficient than the current municipal building standard
  • Projects use environmentally conscious building materials like sustainably-sourced lumber and CO2-reducing concrete during construction
  • From solar and EV-ready homes, and fossil fuel-free heating and cooking, we’re continuously looking at how homes can encourage more sustainable lifestyle choices
  • Requiring roughly 2.5X less land than a single family home, the added efficiency that townhomes offer means more homes can be created with less land, reducing urban sprawl outward into otherwise undeveloped, natural lands
  • A well-considered approach to site design aims to retain naturalized greenspaces and tree canopies where possible, fostering connection to nature, offering shade, and helping support a reduction in CO2 emissions
Housing Attainability

Housing attainabilty is a growing concern for families. Townhomes bridge an important gap for many by providing efficient living spaces that can rival the comfort and functionality of a single-family home, at a fraction of the cost.

Comparing housing costs*:


  • In Greater Victoria, a new single-family home costs 49.5% more than a townhome
  • In the West Shore, the cost increase for a single-family home is 35.5% more
  • In addition to the obvious difference in up-front costs, ongoing expenses associated with maintaining a townhome are also less compared to a single-family home, such as heating, electricity, and maintenance

This increase in costs means the difference between being able to afford a home or not for many families.

*Represents the difference in average new home prices by product type based on MLS stats for the Greater Victoria and West Shore regions for homes sold from January-December 2021.

We believe great homes should be easy to love, today and for years to come.