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ApproachHomebuilding, In Good Form.

Our approach, In Good Form, seeks to reinvigorate the townhome experience, both inside and out.

We know firsthand that when designed well, townhomes provide families with plenty of livable space to thrive and grow, and can be an attractive alternative to a single-family home.

Improving design and functionality is only part of the overall goal though. We want to ensure that the homes we are building today leave a positive lasting impact for future generations.

This means rethinking status quo design standards and conventional developer defaults. Instead, we incorporate research, consultation, and experience-based design into every one of our communities.

Designing for families, in whatever form they may take.

With intentionality at the forefront of our approach, we envision every new Formwell community to meaningfully improve livability for families. This includes design elements like:

  • Flexible floorplans and spaces that consider different needs, life stages, and lifestyles
  • Semi-private yards and common outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy, designed for kids and pets
  • Durable and high-quality finishes and materials that stand up to the test of a busy household
  • Efficient and generous storage options throughout each home, so everything has a place
  • Wall and stair assemblies that exceed building code minimums for a quieter and more comfortable living space

Creating more complete, connected communities.

We believe well-designed homes go beyond just good building decisions, they closely consider the broader neighbourhood and community landscape.

This means ensuring homeowners and future residents have close and convenient access to everyday amenities and services. Like parks, schools, groceries, recreation, and child care – all the makings of a complete community.

Our approach prioritizes new homes in vibrant, connected, and diverse neighbourhoods and communities.

A child plays in a sunlit garden beyond beautiful bokeh grass. He is seen out of focus.

A more holistic approach to sustainability.

Designing new homes with sustainability at the forefront begins with early site envisioning exercises, and is woven through every stage of our planning, design, and building process.

Ultimately, our goal is to create homes that are not only more environmentally conscious to build, they also help homeowners make healthier and more sustainable lifestyle choices, long after they move in.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Discover homes that are built for every moment.